Grassroots Sports - Argyle Secondary

When it comes to sport management journalism, the attention always goes to the biggest organisations and understandably so, as they take up most of the spotlight. In this case there is a grassroots program that should get a little recognition. That is the Argyle Football program (American version of football), which I’ve personally witnessed being founded (or re-founded after a 30 year hiatus). Little did I know that their rise would be as quick as it has been, they are now looking to compete with the biggest name in the district only shortly after coming onto the scene.

You can look at it as yet another amateur look into high school teams winning and losing, the significance only discernable by classmates, alumni or parents. But the significance of this specific event is a demonstration of how you can turn the enthusiastic voices of a small collection of naïve teenagers can eventually turn into sporting success. I experienced the atmosphere and the excitement when they started, and then when they started losing the enthusiasm was still there. I suppose you could say that that is the base to any organization growing, especially if it is to be from nothing. The success comes from the collective network of a collection of parents, as simple as that. The power of networking demonstrates itself, allowing them to get some of the best coaches of the district, and some that needed to prove themselves on the high school football scene. But they didn’t focus on the results of the varsity team, if anything, they just threw that aside. By creating the building blocks in the Junior team, they could control as many variables as possible. This all lead to this latest result, not just a win, but a win that proves how a well thought out system can turn the tables in a mere couple of years.


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