Vision on Sports Management

When I’m asked what I study, the response to my answer is always quite predictable. It’s either a “oh I see…” (and then quickly changing the subject) or maybe the “what can you do with that?” (They mean well but you can’t help but feel belittled). To be fair, it does seem to be quite a recent phenomenon, in fact, International Sport Management and Business, the first of its kind, has only been around for a little more than three years. It is only a matter of time however, till sport management becomes a known and respected concept.

Sport is an industry that is growing across the globe as people search for entertainment, whether that is watching sport, playing it, or both. The sums of money being thrown around in some aspects of sport are mind-boggling: the huge wages of some athletes, that astronomical fees to have players move from one club to another, the monumental volume of money that goes into sport betting. All this has grown considerably in recent history, and if the trend continues, it won’t be stopping anytime soon, even the economic crash of 2008 failed to dent this progress; as the premier league spent a record sum on transfer fees for example. Even the smallest associations or organisations are making steps forward. This is of course combined with the recent trend of interest in healthiness and fitness, causing headaches for marketers, but also great opportunities which they are exploiting. All this needs to be managed from all angles, and that is where we, sport managers come in.

In the future I see the sport world continuing its upward trend, and the benefit that would indeed bring to me. There are many specializations in sport including the athletes, their coaches, sport scientists and the like; but there is no one to pull the strings (at least not people that are cultivated for it). This is where sport management comes in as an essential role. As the sport industry grows in scope’s, the need for expert managers will grow. I only see positives for the sport management world, which bodes well for my future.

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